Tortuguero Beachfront Hotel

The Tortuguero Beachfront Hotel offers a perfect mix between the unmatched biodiversity of the Tortuguero National Park, and the paradisiacal beaches of Tortuguero, where you will have a unique experience in sport fishing tours and for practicing surfing.

The Tortuguero Beachfront Hotel is nestled between two magical natural attractions because we are the only hotel in the Tortuguero region with direct access to the beach, and we are also just a few steps from the access to Tortuguero National Park.

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Find the perfect accommodation in Tortuguero.

Besides to the experience that Tortuguero offers, at the Tortuguero Beachfront Hotel we will offer you the conditions and services to make your stay in the Costa Rican Caribbean a unique moment. Our rooms will offer you the necessary comfort after a day full of adventure, with food service that will allow you to taste the characteristic Caribbean food, and gardens that will allow you to get closer to the flora of the region. In addition, you can relax in our pool surrounded by gardens, or receive a relaxing massage right in front of the Tortuguero beaches.


Naturaleza de Tortuguero